How much does surrogacy cost and how high is the compensation?

Surrogate motherhood is giving a birth to a child according to the contract signed between a surrogate mother and potential parents whose cells were used for fertilization.

In fact, this is a difficult mission. And before deciding on it, a woman should understand all responsibility and at the same time nobility of this step. Some loving couples do not want to have children for one reason or another, in the birth of a long-awaited child is something that can not be overemphasized. It should be noted that labor, which is not easy in every sense, is rewarded not only with enormous gratitude, but also with financial compensation. The amount depends on many factors: such as the region of residence, the consistency of future biological parents, the level of the chosen clinic and medical care. So how much do they pay a surrogate mother in Russia?

How much does a surrogate mother gets, and from what parts does the surrogate mother's remuneration consist?

Payment for the birth of a child

Depending on the region and the agency chosen, these figures range from agency to agency and depend on multiple prerequisites. This amount of money a woman receives after the birth of a healthy baby and the signing of consent for transfer to his genetic parents.

Maintenance for household needs

Start arriving from the moment of entering the program monthly, and their amount is predefined by the agreement.

Purchase of necessary clothes for pregnant women

One-time compensation for a woman for buying all necessary clothes for happy and successful pregnancy.

An important point! The amount of the remuneration of the surrogate mother and the order of payment are necessarily negotiated with the biological parents in advance. And then, with the participation of competent lawyers, are documented in a financial contract that determines the amount and timing of payments. And also provides an order of actions for unforeseen moments that can happen (miscarriage, premature birth, birth of twins, etc.). By the way, the question of how many surrogate mothers are paid for twins is very important for conception with the help of IVF, and it is better to discuss it in advance.

What are the additional costs?

In addition to payments in monetary terms, the surrogate mother is entitled to reimburse all additional costs associated with preparing for the IVF procedure, bearing and giving birth to the baby. This type of costs include:

Medical procedures and tests

To be convinced of absolute health, the future surrogate mother must undergo a series of surveys with a certain periodicity. This type of costs also includes the very procedure of IVF, which is quite expensive and does not always succeed at the first attempt, accompanying pregnancy and childbirth.

Medical drugs prescribed by a doctor throughout the period

Since surrogate motherhood presupposes conception with the help of in vitro fertilization, the taking of hormonal medicines is required throughout the whole time. In addition, reimbursement of funds spent on vitamin-mineral complexes, recommended during gestation.


Often one of the mandatory conditions is the transfer of a surrogate mother to the city where the clinic is located and biological parents live. Because of this, a woman has to live the entire period of pregnancy in a rented room. By agreement, her own child, her husband, can live with her. These costs are borne by biological parents.

Healthy Eating and Food

The products necessary for the normal development of the fetus and the well-being of the surrogate mother are also compensated in financial or in kind terms. How much surrogate mothers receive for proper nutrition depends on the initial agreement with the parents of the unborn child.

Legal support of the transaction

To ensure that both sides of the program (genetic parents and surrogate mother) feel as safe and secure as possible, a proper compilation of a package of documents is necessary. This work can be done by lawyers with a lot of practice in this matter. Such specialists are available in the staff of good agencies or clinics.

In most countries surrogate motherhood is allowed at the legislative level and is regulated by the Family Code. Nevertheless, in this issue there are many pitfalls, it is better to prescribe all the complexities and subtle nuances before the procedures begin. Including, by a separate document, most often such is the financial contract, to fix the order of remuneration for surrogate motherhood. It is from him you can find out how much you will pay to a surrogate mother.

Means for transportation costs

They may be needed to move a surrogate mother to another city or to numerous clinic visits to a doctor. Good conscientious agencies assign a special car with a driver for a surrogate mother for comfortable and safe transportation around the city.

Compensation of wages

It may be required in case the surrogate mother works, and the genetic parents insist on her dismissal in order to avoid unnecessary overstrain, which could harm the future child. In this situation, the married couple in full size reimburses the earnings of the surrogate mother, obtained at her main place of work.

Additional expenses

Some families additionally pay surrogate mother special procedures that are beneficial to her and her baby's health. For example, rest on the sea or in a sanatorium. Often, genetic parents make grateful gifts out of gratitude, no matter how much they pay surrogate mothers under the contract.

Which surrogate mother will be paid more?

It is not so easy to become a surrogate mother. It is necessary to go through several stages of serious selection and to meet the following requirements:

  • Correspond to the age criterion from 20 to 35 years
  • Have at least one child who received a medical opinion about a satisfactory state of health
  • To have a positive Rh factor of blood
  • Be ready for medical intervention.
  • Have a written consent of the spouse (if married)
  • In addition to the above requirements, which, of course, must meet the future surrogate mother, in this area is very valuable experience. How much does this surrogate mother get for the birth of a child? Women who participate in the program are not the first time, often pay a higher reward. The positive experience of the surrogate mother gives confidence to the genetic parents that there will not be unforeseen problems with the woman giving birth. After all, the well-being of the whole event depends on the degree of responsibility and conscientiousness of the surrogate mother. Accurate performance of medical prescriptions and prescriptions, a healthy lifestyle, without abuses of various kinds, the fulfillment of the conditions of the contract for the transfer of the child to biological parents - all this can be guaranteed by a woman who was already a surrogate mother.

In which case should a surrogate mother return the payment?

Legislation of our country officially recognizes as mother that woman who gave birth to a child, regardless of his genetic identity. Therefore, the surrogate mother has the right to refuse to transfer, even if she is not a child to her biological parents. If this happens, the woman automatically loses the reward for the child and must refund the money paid to her earlier. This applies to all of the above costs.

Earnings of surrogate mothers, taking into account additional payments, constitute a very impressive amount. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about your fitness and psychological stability beforehand to participate in procedures of this kind before looking for how much a surrogate mother receives in St. Petersburg. An error can cost too much, not only in a material sense, but also affect the fate of all participants in the program - a childless couple, a surrogate mother and a stranger to her child.

In addition to basic postpartum compensation, participation in the surrogate motherhood program assumes monthly payments throughout the pregnancy that are designed to cover the costs of substituting mothers for food and medications prescribed by the doctor leading the pregnancy. The amount of monthly payments is also set individually

In no case should one perceive the material compensation of a surrogate mother as "money for a child". In fact, participation in a reproductive program of this type is not an easy job, accompanied by risks to the woman's health, as well as temporary disability. Material compensation for a replacement mother is usually necessary for restoring health, which is subject to stress both before pregnancy, during hormonal stimulation for successful IVF, and during childbearing and childbirth that can be accompanied by surgery.