Our Guarantees

When a married couple contacts a fertility centre, it is, of course, with the intention of solving the infertility problem with the help of the specialists. The task that lies before the doctors at an IVF medical centre is to determine the causes of any particular disorders and to assign the necessary course of treatment. An in vitro fertilization centre employs specialists in various areas: reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists, geneticists, obstetricians-gynecologists, urologists-andrologists, and endocrinologists.

Artificial insemination clinics provide treatment with the use of various ART technologies, including AI, IVF and ICSI. Each of those infertility treatment methods has specific medical indications. Doctors at IVF clinics usually prescribe in vitro fertilization treatment for patients with tuboperitoneal infertility, while ICSI is an advisable form of treatment in cases of significantly reduced male fertility.

Artificial insemination centers resort to ICSI in cases when, for example, a man's ejaculate contains an extremely small percentage of morphologically normal spermatozoa.

Naturally, prior to administering any kind medication, the specialists at an artificial insemination clinic conduct diagnostic procedures and take into account all possible contraindications.

No IVF or surrogacy centre will give you a 100% guarantee that you will become pregnant and have a successful pregnancy as a result of the use of ART methods, for the success of the procedure depends on a whole number of factors, some of them completely random.

We also cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you will become pregnant through a surrogacy and (or) an egg donorship program on the first attempt. The reason is simple: reproductive endocrinologists will not give you or us such guarantees.

We cannot guarantee that a surrogate mother's pregnancy will proceed without any complications - it is a physiological process that always progresses differently even in the same woman. And our surrogate mothers are no exception.

However, our surrogacy center:

Guarantees that our company's specialists will do whatever is at their hands to ensure that your participation in the surrogacy program is in no way fraught with worry and stress.

• Guarantees that the medical examination of a surrogate mother will be conducted only by the top-ranked specialists of the IVF clinic.

• Guarantees that all of our surrogate mothers are healthy, stable women with a positive outlook and a good motivation.

• Guarantees a full refund of your money in the event of any contingency that might theoretically arise in the context of the surrogacy program.

Our company is the leader among medical centers that provide surrogacy services in Russia.

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