What is the cost of the egg donorship programme?

Donor oocytes can be used in the surrogacy programme when indicated. The question of whether egg donorship should be used in your particular case will be decided by an attending physician on the basis of anamnesis and the results of your medical examination.
In our Surrogacy Agency we have an active database of medically examined donors that are ready to take part in the programme immediately. 
You will be able to view photographs, review personal information, and obtain information about children and relative of a woman who is ready to become an egg donor

The cost of the programme increases with the use of a donor egg, since it includes compensation payable to an oocyte donor.   

On this page we have posted questions that are frequently asked of our specialists in connection with the oocyte donorship programme. 

Q: What is included in the price of an egg donorship contract at your company?
A.: A basic contract includes donor search, transportation expenses, medical examination, and compensation payable to a donor.

Q: If I choose your company, when will I need to pay the cost of the egg donorship programme?
A.: The payment of our services is made only after your doctor has approved the donor candidate.  

Q.: How soon will a donor be able to take part in the programme?
A.: An oocyte donor will have an appointment with your doctor within two-three days after you have selected her.   

Q.: Does the price of services of an egg donor depend on her looks, education level or other criteria?  
A.: No, the cost of the egg donorship programme does not depend on those criteria. 

Our company is the leader among medical centres that provide egg donorship services in Russia.

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