Requirements for Oocyte Donors

In accordance with Order no. 67 of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, a recipient's relatives (acquaintances) or anonymous donors can become oocyte donors.  
Prior to becoming an oocyte donor, a woman gives her written informed consent to conduct the procedures of induction of superovulation and ovarian aspiration.

Every egg donor has specific requirements that are placed on them:

  • they should be between twenty and thirty-five years old;

  • they must have a healthy child of their own;

  • they must be in good health;

  • they must show no pronounced phenotypic manifestations.

Prior to becoming an egg donor, a woman must undergo a required medical examination that includes:

  • blood grouping and Rh typing;

  • report by a primary care physician (therapist) on the woman's health status and confirmation of absence of any contraindications for surgical intervention (such a document is valid for one  year);

  • report by a psychiatrist (given once);

  • medical genetic examination (when indicated);

  • ECG (results are valid for one year);

  • fluorography (results are valid for one year);

  • gynecological examination (conducted prior to every attempt to induce superovulation);

  • urinalysis (conducted prior to every attempt to induce superovulation);

  • blood analyses: complete blood count, blood chemistry test and coagulability test (conducted every time prior to the induction of superovulation);

  • blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C (results are valid for three months);

  • urethral and cervical culture, as well as determination of the degree of vaginal cleanliness (conducted prior to every attempt to induce superovulation);

  • examination to screen for such infections as gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis,  cytomegalovirus, chlamydiosis, genital herpes (results are valid for six months);  

  • cytological screening of a pap smear.

In conclusion, we would like to answer some questions that are most frequently asked by women that contact our company with the intention of becoming egg donors. 

Question: When I become an egg donor, how many oocytes will be taken from me during aspiration?
Answer: Twelve to fifteen oocytes on average. 

Question: Will the child's biological parents be given my contact information?
Answer: That is out of the question.  Biological parents do not have access to an oocyte donor's contact information.  An egg donor will likewise be unable to obtain a recipient's contact information. 

Question: If I become an oocyte donor, will I need my husband's written consent? 
Answer: No, a spouse's written consent is not required for becoming an egg donor.   

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