Guest and Visa Support

If you have arrived in Russia to take part in the surrogacy or the egg donorship programme, our company will provide every possible assistance in arranging your stay in Moscow.  Our assistance can be provided in the following areas:

  • Transportation support. We will help you make reservations and purchase tickets for all types of transportation.  We will also provide you with a leased car and a personal driver, if desired.   

  • Lodging.  We will reserve a room for you in a hotel or provide you with an apartment, in accordance with your requirements.   

  • Welcoming and escort. Our company's representatives will meet you at the airport, a railway or a bus terminal, and even at a seaport.   

  • Professional assistance. An interpreter, a guide, a case manager, a nurse, a family doctor, a nanny, and maintenance workers are all at your service.  As well as psychological consultation and support. 

  • Communications support.  You will be able to use all known forms of communication: the Internet, mobile communications, fax.

If you are a foreign citizen and are planning on participating in the surrogacy or the oocyte donorship programme, our company offers you visa support that can be provided the following way:  

  • We will provide you with legal support, help you process guest and work invitations, as well as a temporary registration at your place of residence in Russia;

  • If necessary, we will help a surrogate mother obtain an international passport;

  • We will provide all types of information services that are associated with the process of entry into the country and departure from it. 

You will not be left to your own devices in an unfamiliar territory.  We will make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in Moscow. 

Our specialists are ready to answer any of your questions over the phone:
007 495 215-55-44.
We are waiting for your call!