Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy is an ART method that has been used in Russia for a fairly long time and is regulated by the surrogacy law.  There are several surrogacy agencies in Moscow alone.  If you are planning on using the services of a surrogate mother, it is more reasonable to do it with people who handle surrogacy on a professional basis.  If you need a surrogate mother, you shouldn't risk trying to find one on your own.  A contract with an agency is your guarantee against any unforeseen complications, as is discussed in the article in the section titled "How to Find a Surrogate Mother".

So, which legislation protects the rights of a surrogate mother and genetic parents in Russia?

  • Russian legislation in the area of surrogacy

First of all, there is the Federal law "On Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation", which grants couples (including those who have not been officially married) and single women the right to participate in the surrogacy programme.  At the same time, the surrogacy law does not stipulate that same-sex couples can take part in the programme.   Until recently, the situation was different: only married couples that have been officially registered could legally resort to the help of a surrogate mother as a way out of infertility.  The contract that was concluded in that instance was very juridically complex. Once the new law was passed, however, other norms came into effect, granting the right to use the services of a surrogate mom to a significantly greater portion of the general public  

Art. 51 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation states that "Couples, who have given their written consent for the implantation of an embryo to another woman for the purpose of carrying it to term, can be registered as parents of the child only with the consent of the woman who gave birth to that child (the surrogate mother)".

Art. 52 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation states that "neither the spouses, who have given their consent for the implantation of an embryo to another woman, nor the surrogate mother (section two, paragraph 4 of article 51 of the present Code) have the right to invoke these circumstances when contesting the parentage after the parents have been entered into the register of births."

P. 5, page 16 of the law "On Civil Status Acts" states that "During the official registration of the birth of a child on application of the spouses, who had given their consent for the implantation of an embryo to another woman for the purpose of carrying it to term, a document, issued by a medical organization in confirmation of the consent obtained from the woman, who gave birth to that child (the surrogate mother), for registering said spouses as the child's parents must be presented concurrently with the document confirming the birth of the child."     

In addition, the surrogacy procedure is also regulated by the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which, among other things, includes a number of requirements placed on surrogate mothers, as well as the scope of the required examinations that a surrogate mother and genetic parents must undergo.   

  • Contract with a surrogate mother

Surrogacy agency assumes responsibility for supporting the procedure within the framework of the surrogacy contract concluded between a surrogate mother and biological parents.   

If you have selected a suitable surrogate mother, you enter into a contract with her on the basis of Russian surrogacy laws, observing the rights of a surrogate mother as well as of the child's genetic parents. 

The surrogacy contract (as well as the addendum to the contract) lists all the obligations of the parties involved, the amount and the order of payments, as well as a number of other points that are important and significant for the parties and are determined on an individual basis in each specific case. 

  • How to conclude a surrogacy contract?

In order to conclude a surrogacy contract, you will need to contact our specialists. You will be able to select a contract version that you believe fits you the best, after you consult with our lawyers regarding any and all questions that interest you in this matter.  Our company is prepared to help in procuring a guest visa if you need to come to Russia, organizing a meeting and financial support during your stay in the country, providing an interpreter, a nanny, and a personal physician. 

All of our company's specialists without exception are experts in their field.   That is why we are confident that you will experience no problems during the stages of the surrogacy programme. 

Our company is the leader among medical centres that provide surrogacy services in Russia.

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