• Should You Do In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

In vitro fertilization technology has been in use all over the world over the past several decades.  The chances of becoming pregnant with the help of this method are increasing, because ART methods are constantly being improved.  Nowadays pregnancy occurs on average in forty percent of cases. 

Artificial or in vitro fertilization is performed when there are specific indications that include a number of female and male infertility factors, as well as idiopathic infertility and lack of results following conservative and surgical treatment.

Whether or not IVF should be performed in any specific case is decided by an attending physician on the basis of anamnesis, the results of a medical examination and a patient's individual characteristics.

      • Stages of the in vitro fertilization procedure

 A special kind of preparation is required that involves induction of superovulation.  Why is it needed?  The fact of the matter is that, usually, only one fertile egg will mature during a woman's natural cycle.  If induction of superovulation is performed with the assistance of hormonal agents, a woman produces a substantially greater number of mature oocytes.  That, in turn, means that the probability of having a successful in vitro fertilization also increases. 

Once a female patient has been prepared for the procedure, aspiration is performed, over the course of which a woman's oocytes are removed.   After examining the husband, a physician can determine whether to do IVF using the husband's semen or whether donor sperm will be required.  The resulting embryos will be transferred to the female patient's uterine cavity on the third or fourth day after the in vitro fertilization procedure has been completed.

      • What is the likelihood of becoming pregnant?

Whether or not a woman can get pregnant with the help of IVF depends on a number of factors, including a patients' age and the quality of the gametes that are used in the cycle.  The scientific and technical resources of a medical facility where in vitro fertilization is conducted, as well as professional expertise of the doctors performing the procedure is also important.   .

Using a donor programme in the course of the IVF procedure generally increases the chances of success, since genetic material used in artificial (in vitro) fertilization belongs to young healthy people.   

Additionally, the probability of becoming pregnant increases if preimplantation genetic diagnosis is performed prior to the transfer of embryos.  Thanks to this analysis doctors can also detect chromosomal abnormalities prior to implantation and transfer only the healthiest embryos into the uterus.

      • What is the cost of in vitro fertilization?

The price is made up of several elements.  The cost of the in vitro fertilization procedure, for instance, includes the actual procedure, appointments and consultations with specialists, as well as the cost of medication.

When you ask about the cost of IVF at a reproductive clinic, find out whether the specified amount includes the cost of the required medications or whether those will have to be paid for separately.  

Naturally, the price of the in vitro fertilization procedure increases if a donor programme is used in the course of treatment.

The cost of in vitro fertilization will be higher if the procedure is conducted using the ICSI method.   

Additionally, the price of in vitro fertilization will increase with the use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, assisted hatching and subsequent cryopreservation of embryos.  

You will be able to determine the total cost of treatment and whether or not you should undergo all of the specified procedures only after you have undergone complete medical examination, which will allow the doctor to recommend the optimal infertility treatment regimen for you.

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