Surrogacy: how your money is being spent

How much does surrogacy cost?.. This is the first question that gets asked by those who find themselves in need of the services of a surrogate mother.  The price for such work can vary widely; the cost of surrogate mother services depends on numerous factors.  For starters, you can find out things such as the monetary compensation given to surrogate mothers, the approximate amount that you will need to spend if you require a surrogate mother, and the cost of surrogate mother services online using proper specialized resources. You will be able to find out, for instance, what the price of surrogacy is inRussia; the price of a surrogate mother could differ significantly in the regions, and you need to keep that in mind if you are interested in pursuing surrogacy inMoscow.

Prices and costs of surrogate mother services; the price is always worked out on an individual basis. The practice of surrogacy inRussia; the cost of a surrogate mother is usually made up of the following basic values: the expenses, associated with medical examination and an IVF procedure, payments of monthly allowance during pregnancy and compensation after the birth of the child.  The desire to maintain the optimal "price-quality" balance is, of course, quite understandable.  

Surrogacy. Prices. How much does a surrogate mother cost?

The cost of this job may be fairly small, if, for example, you can get a female relative or a healthy girlfriend to agree to "carry your child".  You can be a better judge of how financial obligations will reflect on the bonds of friendship or kinship in this case, but you must keep in mind that surrogacy is a job, and one that involves risk to one's health and sometimes even life. And your girlfriend might very well decide to find out for herself what the cost of surrogate mother services is and what is the actual compensation to surrogate mothers; this information is easy to find even on the internet. Surrogacy and the cost of a surrogate mother's job are no big secrets.

If you join a "Surrogacy" programme inMoscow, the cost of the services might be higher than in certain regions.  You can try solving this problem by choosing a surrogate mother from outside the capital.   Quite often, potential surrogate mothers, whose services might be more affordable for you, do not have internet access.  This problem can be solved by placing a "Surrogacy" ad in the  newspapers.  The price of an advertisement is generally not high, and certain newspapers place them for free.  It is possible that this way you will find a surrogate mother, whose price will be satisfactory for you.  However, just as with the previous option, you must not forget  that it is very easy nowadays to find out how much a surrogate mother costs and the cost of the services she provides.

If you have been referred to a "Surrogacy" programme, and you do not see yourself placing ads in the paper and searching for a surrogate mother on your own, you should turn to a medical company or a legal firm that specializes, among other things, in providing services within the "Surrogacy" programme framework.  The price you pay for specialists should also guarantee the results.  When contacting such a company and asking about the cost of surrogate mother services, you need to understand first and foremost what exactly makes up the cost of this service.  If you hear vague responses to your questions, you would do better to walk away from such contracts.  

Surrogacy. The cost of the programme. What is included?

The surrogacy programme has a number of required and possible expenses: on all the items listed below, you will need to find out for sure whether a particular service is included in the amount that you will be paying:  
- examination of the surrogate mother in accordance with Order No. 67 of the Ministry of Public Health (repeat examination, since the majority of tests are valid only short-term);
- the cost of IVF (or other procedures performed at reproductive health clinics);
- medications for the surrogate mother (if this service is included in the overall cost, find out at what point the surrogate mother will begin receiving medications in the dosage prescribed by your primary care physician and how long she will be provided with them);
- the surrogate mother's transportation and living expenses (there can be variations here - for how long will the company commit to taking charge of these issues: until the initial visit to the clinic, the initial embryo transfer, pregnancy confirmation via a blood test, pregnancy confirmation with an ultrasound, or until a specific pregnancy week; where exactly the surrogate mother will be placed, etc.);
- the company's financial obligations to the surrogate mother in the event of an unsuccessful attempt (or in the event of pregnancy termination at an early stage);
- the company's financial obligations in paying the surrogate mother's monthly allowance (find out when the compensation will start and when it will end);
- prenatal care in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public Health (a surrogate mother can undergo care for free at her local maternity clinic, or choose paid care at specialized medical centres);
- prevention of miscarriage, maintenance of pregnancy (if needed);
- the surrogate mother's labor and delivery (can be done free of charge at a clinic based on her place of residence or on a non-budget (paid) basis);
- the actual legal component of the entire "Surrogacy" programme;
- the surrogate mother's compensation to be paid after the birth of the child;
- additional payment for the surrogate mother in the event of a multifetal pregnancy;
- financial expenses in the event of difficult delivery and(or) C-section.  As we mentioned earlier, you can theoretically have the surrogate mother go through prenatal care and childbirth that are free of charge, but you need to understand ahead of time, how your money might be spent.

The above questions regarding surrogate mothers and the costs of their services do not cover every issue that might arise under these circumstances, so do not hesitate to ask more questions!!!