Requirements for Surrogate Mothers

    • How to become a surrogate mother?

    Any woman between ages twenty and thirty-five, who is in good psychosomatic health and has at least one healthy child of her own, can become a surrogate mother.     If a surrogate mother is married, her spouse's written consent to her participation in the programme will be required. 

    Based on our experience, roughly seventy percent of women, who contact our company for the purpose of becoming a surrogate mother, are eliminated at the first screening round - during the interview and testing with a psychologist. 

    The remaining candidates undergo a strict medical examination that includes:

    - blood grouping and Rh typing;

    - blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months);

    - screening for infections: chlamydiosis, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis,

      CMV, rubella (valid for 6 months);   

    - urinalysis (valid for 1 month);

    - complete blood count + coagulability (valid for 1 month);

    - blood chemistry test: ALT, AST, bilirubin, blood glucose, blood urea nitrogen (valid for 1 month);

    - fluorography (valid for 1 year);

    - urethral and cervical culture and the degree of vaginal cleanliness (valid for 1 month);

    - cytological screening of pap smears;

    - examination by a primary care physician and a medical assessment of health status and

      confirmation of absence of contraindications for carrying of a pregnancy (valid for 1 year);

    - examination and assessment by a psychiatrist (one time);

    - general and special gynecological examination (prior to every attempt to induce


    Naturally, a surrogate mother should not have any bad habits that may adversely affect the development of a child (alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.).  

    • What does the surrogacy law state?

    As an ART method, surrogacy is regulated by a number of legislations and by-laws that you can read about in more detail in the section titled "Legal Matters"

    Legal regulation of the procedure is necessary to protect the rights of a surrogate mother as well as of biological parents.  When they enter into a contract at a surrogacy agency, all parties wish to ensure that all of its clauses are strictly observed. 

    The agency draws upon the legislation in drafting a contract and takes great care to ensure that no problems arise with the execution of contract clauses in the future.   

    Our Agency provides guarantees upon the conclusion of a contract for both a surrogate mother and biological parents.  By contacting the professionals, both parties are able to secure themselves against any force majeure situations and be confident that at every stage this procedure will be conducted in full accordance with the concluded contract under the laws of the Russian Federation.   

    • Surrogacy contract


    Women, who wish to know how to become a surrogate mother, often ask to see the agreement that they will need to sign.  

    On our website you can view a typical contract between biological parents and a surrogate mother.  You certainly need to keep in mind that this is a general form that our company's lawyers use as a basis for drafting a document that would be appropriate for each specific case.

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all the issues related to the cost of surrogate mother services are taken out of the principal contract and drawn up in an addendum to the contract with a surrogate mother.   

    Whether or not a woman becomes a surrogate mother depends on whether or not she meets the specified requirements.  The task of the agency is to perform a search for a surrogate mother and give her a thorough examination.  Afterwards, the company's lawyers draw up the contract, whose provisions must take into account the rights of a surrogate mother and of biological parents, based on the laws of the Russian Federation on surrogacy. Thereafter the specialists provide support for the entire procedure in order to avoid any problems associated with the execution of every clause of the contract.

    In conclusion we provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions from women wishing to become surrogate mothers

    Question: If I pass all the examinations, when will I become a surrogate mother?

    Answer: Once your medical examination shows that you are a suitable candidate for becoming a surrogate mother, a contract with the agency will be signed and we will enter your name into our database.  You can take part in the programme as soon as biological parents choose you to be their surrogate. 

    Question: When is the compensation paid to a surrogate mother?

    Answer: The payment of compensation subsequent to the loss of actual income over the period of participation in the programme is made after the birth of a child and the signing of documents required to register the child with the Civil Registry Offices.

    Question: If I offer my services as a surrogate mother, does the contract specify that my monthly sustenance payments will be deducted from the overall compensation amount payable to me after the birth of a child?

    Answer: No, our Agency does not deduct the amount of monthly payments from the overall compensation amount.   

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