Stages of surrogate motherhood program

For biological parents: stages of surrogate motherhood program

  • Acquaintance with the Company, its services, the situation with surrogate motherhood in Russia (
  • Call to the Company, clarification of cooperation details, setting the date and time of internal consultation
  • Procurement of an entry Russian visa, booking of tickets, hotels (with organizational support of the Company's employees)
  • Arrival to Russia
  • Legal consultation in the office of the Company (answers to the questions, selection of the tariff plan)
  • Medical consultation (a choice of clinic is provided by the Company to biological parents)
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Representation of surrogate mothers
  • Approval of a surrogate mother by a doctor and biological parents
  • Contract payment
  • Medical examination of the spouses (if it is known in advance that donor genetic material will be used)
  • Then - depending on the results of the medical examination and the desire of biological parents:
    OPTION 1 (genetic material of both spouses or egg of a biological mother + donor sperm, native ("fresh") embryos)
    synchronization of surrogate and biological mothers' cycles, selection of a sperm donor (if necessary), stimulation and reception of eggs from biological mother + preparation for the transfer of a surrogate mother, obtaining of male genetic material, оплодотворение и культивация эмбрионов, перенос эмбрионов, cryopreservation of remaining embryos (if necessary), departure of biological parents to the country of residence - it is necessary for genetic mother to stay in Russia for the period of superovulation stimulation (no more than 3 weeks).

    OPTION 2 (usage of egg donor, possibly together with donor sperm)
    egg donor selection, delivery and cryopreservation of male genetic material, or selection of a sperm donor (if necessary), departure of biological parents to the country of residence (further medical procedures of embryo obtaining and transfer are carried out without attendance of biological parents) - it is necessary for biological parents to stay in Russia for 2-3 days from the beginning of the program.

    OPTION 3 (transport scheme: application of biological material of genetic parents + cryopreservation or usage of previously cryopreserved embryos) – departure of biological parents to the country of residence, performance of IVF in the country of residence, cryopreservation of embryos, embryo transfer to Russia, preparation of surrogate mother, transfer of embryos to surrogate mother - there is no need for biological parents to stay in Russia after the conclusion of the contract and medical examination.
  • Confirmation of surrogate mother pregnancy, informing of biological parents (carried out by employees of the company). In case if pregnancy does not occur - go back to step 12.
  • Informing biological parents of the course of pregnancy (according to the results of medical examinations, in emergencies, in the rest - once every 10 days, way of informing is agreed by the Company with the biological parents)
  • According to the results of medical examination - setting of the probable date of birth, informing genetic parents (carried out by employees of the Company).
  • Obtaining of an entry Russian visa by biological parents, booking of tickets, booking of a hotel or rental housing (with organizational support of the Company's employees)
  • Arrival to Russia, solution of everyday issues associated with living of parents and child (feeding, etc.). Arrival of both parents is recommended. We recommend to biological parents to arrive in advance, for example, in the case of a multiple pregnancy - on 33-34th week of gestation.
  • Childbirth, acquaintance with the baby.
  • Reception of the surrogate mother consent to register biological parents in the birth certificate (carried out by employees of the Company).
  • Preparation of documents necessary for the registration of the child in the registry offices (performed by the Company).
  • Selection of a professional interpreter (performed by the Company).
  • Reception of a birth certificate of the state standard with registration of biological parents as mother and / or father of the newborn (performed by the Company in the mandatory presence of biological parents).
  • Receiption of the child in the maternity hospital (in case of normal delivery and baby's condition - on the 4th day after childbirth). It is necessary to have a birth certificate received in the registry office.

Thereon the Company's obligations under the contract are fulfilled. Registration of the child is fully consistent with the Russian legislation, child's birth certificate does not contain any signs indicating the fact that he was born by the surrogate motherhood program.



• Naturalization of a child. Timing and progress of the child naturalization dependent on the specific country. The procedure in general is identical to that, as if the couple had a child while being on a trip outside their home country. In the case of naturalization of a child in a country where surrogate motherhood is not prohibited, the normal period of documents registration lasts 3-10 days. For countries where surrogate motherhood is prohibited by law naturalization is also possible. There are several options of naturalization of a child in such countries, the particular option is chosen based on a specific country and is discussed separately during the consultation.

• Departure to the country of permanent residence