About surrogacy

Surrogacy is one of the methods of assisted reproductive technologies used in cases when a woman herself is incapable of carrying and giving birth to a child.  Surrogacy clinics are rather widespread.  According to the statistics, every one hundredth patient in Russian reproductive centres chooses to enter into a contract with a surrogate mother as a way out of the infertility situation. 

The essence of the programme is that, when she signs the contract, the surrogate mother agrees to become pregnant with the help of IVF, to carry and to give birth to someone else's genetic child.  In addition, she agrees to give the newborn to his or her biological parents, who will be registered as that child's mother and father.   
Surrogacy is an ART method that is regulated by the Russian legislation, namely:

  • Federal law "On Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation";

  • The Family Code;

  • The Civil Code;

  • Law "On Civil Status Acts";

  • Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

You can find more detailed information about the legal basis for the surrogacy procedure on our website in the section titled "Surrogacy in Russia." 

Virtually any clinic that performs the surrogacy procedure has the standard contract template that provides for a set of additional agreements.  Both parties - future parents and a surrogate mother - detail their terms in the agreements;  the contract specifies all of their obligations with regard to one another. 

Certain requirements are imposed on surrogate mothers, which they must fully satisfy.    

A surrogate mother can offer her services for free (this is common practice when a family member or an acquaintance agrees to carry and give birth to a child) as well as on a commercial basis.

Couples can try to find a surrogate mother on their own as well, but it is a difficult and risky way.  That is why many married couples choose a surrogacy clinic as an option. 

Our company provides full support for the procedure at every stage, from the selection of a surrogate mother to the registration of your child with the Civil Registry Offices.

Our surrogacy clinic is one of the largest.  We provide full support for the surrogacy programme. 
Infertile couples from all countries of the world turn to our company, and in every specific case we are prepared to offer our services at the highest level, based on our clients' needs.   

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